Art after Money, Money after Art

Creative Strategies Against Financialization

Max Haiven

What can we learn about capitalism by looking at artworks that take money as their subject?

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Dark Matter

Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture

Gregory Sholette

Shows that the elite of the art world are sustained by new forms and styles created by artists outside the mainstream.

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Unlocking Sustainable Cities

A Manifesto for Real Change

Paul Chatterton

A toolkit for realising a more sustainable and co-operative urban future.

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A New Hope for Mexico

Saying No to Corruption, Violence, and Trump's Wall

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

The newly elected left-wing President sets out his programme for a new Mexico.

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Cold Sacrifice

Leigh Russell

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Talking To North Korea

Ending the Nuclear Standoff

Glyn Ford

There are many roads to war, but only one path to peace in North Korea

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Shooting a Revolution

Visual Media and Warfare in Syria

Donatella Della Ratta

What has been the impact of visual media on the Syrian conflict?

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Brown Skin, White Masks

Hamid Dabashi

Picking up where Fanon left off, examining the negative influence of intellectual immigrants as facilitators of American imperialism.

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The Vinyl Ain't Final

Hip Hop and the Globalization of Black Popular Culture

Edited by Dipannita Basu and Sidney Lemelle

Explores the impact of hip hop on culture worldwide.

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The Capitalist University

The Transformations of Higher Education in the United States since 1945

Henry Heller

Unique and accessible history of higher education in the US which reveals its intimate relationship with American capitalism

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Reflections in a Bloodshot Lens

America, Islam and the War of Ideas

Lawrence Pintak

The abyss of misunderstanding and misreporting in the US and Arab media.

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The ABCs of Political Economy

A Modern Approach

Robin Hahnel

A second, updated edition of this accessible and myth-dispelling introduction to our current economic system

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