Radical Geography

Making Workers

Radical Geographies of Education

Katharyne Mitchell

Shines a light on how modern education shapes students into becoming compliant workers.

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Introducing a New Economics

Pluralist, Sustainable and Progressive

Jack Reardon, Maria Alejandra Caporale Madi and Molly Scott Cato

A textbook that will set the standard for the new movement for pluralist economics.

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The Palestine-Israel Conflict - Fourth Edition

A Basic Introduction

Gregory Harms and Todd M. Ferry

A balanced and accessible introduction to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

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Radical Geography

Space Invaders

Radical Geographies of Protest

Paul Routledge

A history of global protests and social movements from the perspective of radical geography

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Anthropology, Culture and Society

A History of Anthropology - Second Edition

Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Finn Sivert Nielsen

Thoroughly updated and revised edition of a popular classic of modern anthropology.

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The Violence of Austerity

Edited by Vickie Cooper and David Whyte

Explores the different facets of how austerity in Britain is a form of institutional violence.

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Anthropology, Culture and Society

Ground Down by Growth

Tribe, Caste, Class and Inequality in 21st Century India

Alpa Shah, Jens Lerche, Richard Axelby, Dalel Benbabaali, Brendan Donegan, Jayaseelan Raj and Vikramaditya Thakur

How do India’s ‘untouchables’ and 'tribals' fit into the global economy?

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The Message is Murder

Substrates of Computational Capital

Jonathan Beller

A compelling case for recognising media communications as technologies of political economy.

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