The Latino Question

Politics, Labouring Classes and the Next Left

Armando Ibarra, Alfredo Carlos and Rodolfo D Torres. Foreword by Christine Neumann-Ortiz

How Latino communities are transforming the politics of race, migration and labour in the US.

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Voices of 1968

Documents from the Global North

Edited by Salar Mohandesi, Bjarke Skærlund Risager and Laurence Cox

A vivid collection of texts from the movements and uprisings of the 'long 1968'.

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Modern European Thinkers

Walter Benjamin

Overpowering Conformism

Esther Leslie

Powerful new insights into a key twentieth-century political thinker

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The Digital Party

Political Organisation and Online Democracy

Paolo Gerbaudo

How political parties have changed in the age of social media.

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Student Revolt

Voices of the Austerity Generation

Matt Myers. Introduction by Paul Mason

A lively oral history of the British student protests of 2010, bringing together activists, students, politicians and workers

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Towards a Gay Communism

Elements of a Homosexual Critique

Mario Mieli. Introduction by Massimo Prearo. Foreword by Tim Dean. Translated by David Fernbach & Evan Calder Williams

First publication in English of a groundbreaking book of revolutionary queer theory.

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From the Local to the Global

Key Issues in Development Studies

Edited by Gerard McCann and Stephen McCloskey

A completely revised third edition of a classic development studies textbook

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Palestine's Horizon

Toward a Just Peace

Richard Falk

The former UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine brings his life's work together to discuss how the region can find peace

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Turkey Reframed

Constituting Neoliberal Hegemony

Edited by İsmet Akça, Ahmet Bekmen and Barış Alp Özden

Cutting-edge guide for students, scholars and other interested readers who want to understand Turkey's recent history.

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Digital Barricades

Gadget Consciousness

Collective Thought, Will and Action in the Age of Social Media

Joss Hands

Investigates how electronic devices we use affect our consciousness, both as individuals and classes.

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Radical Geography

In Their Place

The Imagined Geographies of Poverty

Stephen Crossley

A radical geography of the representation of impoverished communities in Britain.

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The Political Thought of Abdullah Öcalan

Kurdistan, Woman's Revolution and Democratic Confederalism

Abdullah Öcalan

The essential introduction to the writings of Abdullah Öcalan, founder of Democratic Confederalism

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