A Death-Dealing Famine

The Great Hunger in Ireland

Christine Kinealy

Examines the historiography of the Irish Famine and its relevance now, in the context of the longer-term relationship between England and Ireland.

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The State of Islam

Culture and Cold War Politics in Pakistan

Saadia Toor

Studies Pakistan through the lens of the Cold War and the War on Terror

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Radical Geography

In Their Place

The Imagined Geographies of Poverty

Stephen Crossley

A radical geography of the representation of impoverished communities in Britain.

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Marx's 'Capital' - Sixth Edition

Ben Fine and Alfredo Saad-Filho

Fully revised and updated sixth edition of the internationally established guide to Marx's Capital

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Death Squads and State Terror in South Asia

Tasneem Khalil

A deep, cutting edge analysis of the politics and state mechanisms that perpetuate human rights abuses in South Asia.

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How to Fix the Future

Staying Human in the Digital Age (Advance proof edition)

Andrew Keen

Andrew Keen has been described as 'the Christopher Hitchens of the internet'. His provocative new book describes his urgent worldwide search for ways in which humanity can protect itself from the dark side of the digital future.

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Stitched Up

The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion

Tansy E. Hoskins

Delves into the exclusive and alluring world of fashion, to expose class division, gender stereotyping and wasteful consumption.

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Anthropology, Culture and Society

Anthropology and Development

Challenges for the Twenty-First Century

Katy Gardner and David Lewis

A critical look at how a non-traditional, technocratic development industry is failing the societies it professes to help

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