How to be a Cyclist

An A-Z of Life on Two Wheels

John Deering

Publisher: Birlinn

In what could be the most middle-class uprising in history, a million middle-aged-men-in-Lycra are taking to the streets of Britain. How to be a Cyclist has been created with love, affection and understanding for the M.A.M.I.L. We get how it feels to believe you look like Eddy Merckx only to catch a glimpse of your reflection in a shop window and sadly realise it's more Eddie the Eagle. But we also understand what it feels like to sit in the pub waiting for your Sunday roast surrounded by bleary-eyed Observer readers who've just got up, when you've already ridden over the Horseshoe Pass that morning. With wise words and inspirational original photography, Phil Ashley and John Deering will guide you through a world where snobbery and etiquette rule. How to be a Cyclist is a ruthless authoritative voice that you can rely upon to see you right. Never again will you be humiliated because you have your helmet on back to front ...


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