Looking to London

Stories of War, Escape and Asylum

Cynthia Cockburn

A journey through five London boroughs, revealing the lives of asylum seekers today

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A People's History of Modern Europe

William A. Pelz

A history of Europe told from the perspective of its people, not its rulers.

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Business and Surveillance in a Time of Big Data

Peter Bloom

The corporate world is watching us, but why does no one watch them?

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Inventing Africa

History, Archaeology and Ideas

Robin Derricourt

A critical account of how the history of Africa has been understood, interpreted and misinterpreted

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Crisis and Control

The Militarization of Protest Policing

An activist's guide to understanding the militarisation of the policing of protest.

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My Whole Life Was a Struggle

Sakine Cansiz

An iconic memoir by one of the first female fighters of the PKK

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Keenie Meenie

The British Mercenaries Who Got Away with War Crimes

Phil Miller

An explosive account of a secret group of mercenaries based on newly declassified documents

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Red Star Over the Third World

Vijay Prashad

An inspiring reminder of the great strength of twentieth century Communism in the Global South.

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Black Star

Britain's Asian Youth Movements

Tells the history of Britain's Asian Youth Movements from the 1970s and 1980s and shows their importance in creating today's multiracial Britain.

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Martin Monath

A Jewish Resistance Fighter Among Nazi Soldiers

Nathaniel Flakin

The fascinating story of a young Jewish socialist who risked everything to foment revolution amongst German soldiers in occupied France

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Theatre of the Oppressed

Augusto Boal

The book that started a revolution in modern theatre.

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Black Critique

Cedric J. Robinson

On Racial Capitalism, Black Internationalism, and Cultures of Resistance

Cedric J. Robinson, edited by H.L.T. Quan. Foreword by Ruth Wilson Gilmore

A collection of essays by one of the foremost scholars on the Black Radical Tradition

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