Master Networking

How to Build a Business by Talking to People

Tracey Smolinski

Publisher: Wordcatcher Publishing

For some business people networking is a waste of time and money. But that needn't be the case. Networking, like any other marketing activity, needs to be approached in the right way, and using tried and tested methods. If you approach networking in a systematic manner, and understand the dynamics, you will get fantastic results. Networking is all about building relationships, and through those relationships developing more business, better suppliers, and a network of referral partners. Effective networking involves many aspects, some obvious, and some subtle. This book will take you through the process. N New Contacts E Enthusiasm T Trust W Warmth O Opportunities R Relationships K Knowledge I Imagination N Nurturing G Generosity Tracey Smolinski is a seasoned networker, founder of networking organisation, Introbiz, author, and speaker. Her experience of all aspects of networking has been put together in this simply written, but hugely information-packed book.


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