Horn OK Please

Stories From a UK Business Traveller in Mumbai

Andrew Scowcroft

When cultures collide they provide opportunities for misunderstanding, embarrassment, and humour. This book is a collection of stories demonstrating them all. Andrew Scowcroft has been a regular business visitor to the Indian mega-city that is Mumbai. He writes with genuine humour and affection for the place and its inhabitants. His anecdotes take you behind the apparent chaos and mayhem that the first-time visitor experiences. He views the disturbing poverty and stunning wealth of India with the eyes and morality of a Westerner, but tries to set aside these values as he describes the way of life. His aim is not to change the way people live, but to comment on the funnier side of life. While he sometimes struggles with this inner conflict, in so doing we see a fresh perspective on this fascinating, vibrant, and ancient culture. This book is a celebration of the people of Mumbai: their fortitude, and their sheer joy of life no matter what their social standing.


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