Beyond Money

A Postcapitalist Strategy

Anitra Nelson

In order to overcome environmental and social crises, we must move beyond money

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Radical Geography

Geographies of Digital Exclusion

Data and Inequality

Mark Graham, Martin Dittus

Who shapes our digital landscapes, and why are so many people excluded from them?

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Work and the Carceral State

Jon Burnett

The politics of punishment meet labour exploitation in this new analysis

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Anthropology, Culture and Society

Rubbish Belongs to the Poor

Hygienic Enclosure and the Waste Commons

Patrick O'Hare

An ethnography of Uruguayan waste-pickers that reconceptualizes rubbish as a form of modern-day commons

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Utopia and Modernity in China

Contradictions in Transition

David Margolies, Qing Cao

Exploring the conflict between China's rapid modernisation and the west, as well as its own traditional values

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Marx and the Robots

Networked Production, AI and Human Labour

Florian Butollo, Sabine Nuss

A wide-ranging, myth-busting and balanced materialist account of an overheated discourse

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Augmented Exploitation

Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Work

Phoebe Moore, Jamie Woodcock

Artificial intelligence should be changing society, not reinforcing capitalist notions of work

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A Feminist Theory of Violence

A Decolonial Perspective

Françoise Vergès

The State will not protect us from gender violence. Our feminism must be anti-racist and decolonial, and must fight for everyone's safety

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Mapping Social Reproduction Theory

Disasters and Social Reproduction

Crisis Response between the State and Community

Peer Illner

A Marxist-feminist approach examining disaster relief in the US

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Black People in the British Empire

Peter Fryer

The follow-up to Peter Fryer's modern classic, Staying Power

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Becoming Arab in London

Performativity and the Undoing of Identity

Ramy M. K. Aly

An exploration into the lives of young Arabs growing up in London which critiques ‘identity’ in favour of race, gender and class.

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The Struggle for Hegemony in Pakistan

Fear, Desire and Revolutionary Horizons

Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

An astute look at how neoliberalism is ravaging the postcolonial world through the lens of Pakistan

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