Caught in the Crossfire

Scotland's Deadliest Drugs War

Russell Findlay

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Church and Theology in Enlightenment Scotland -

The Popular Party, 1740–1800

John R. McIntosh

Works on Scottish church history have sometimes been described as parochial, partisan, outdated or unscholarly. John McIntosh remedies this. He diverts attention from the Moderate Party in the eighteenth century, with its focus on the small group of Edinburgh literati, to the unexpectedly broad-based Popular Party, which opposed patronage in the Church of Scotland and included all shades of theological...

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The Church of the Covenant 1637-1651

Walter Makey

The end of the First Civil War was the prelude to a new conflict, which left the Kirk triumphant for the time being and the state its servant. This poses vital questions. Who were the ministers and elders who ruled the Church of Scotland? What was the nature of the Scottish Revolution? This book draws on many sources to answer...

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Essays on the Nobility of Medieval Scotland

Keith Stringer

The essays in this book, all by distinguished historians, illuminate the main activities, preoccupations and aspirations of the families whose territorial power and local leadership made them a central factor in medieval Scottish society.

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The Vikings in Islay

The Place of Names in Hebridean Settlement History

Alan Macniven

This book challenges traditional assumptions about the nature of Viking settlement in the Inner Hebrides and will be of interest to researchers, students and amateur historians of Place-Name Studies, Viking Studies, Scottish Medieval History, Scottish Studies and Scandinavian Cultural History.

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The Irish in the West of Scotland, 1797-1848

Trade Unions, Strikes and Political Movements

Martin Mitchell

A popular idea of the Irish in Scotland has been that they were used as strike breakers during the first half of the 19th century. This book argues that the Irish had been involved in the struggle for political change since as early as 1797.

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The Late Medieval Scottish Parliament

Politics and the three Estates, 1424–1488

Roland Tanner

In this ground-breaking study of the medieval parliament, Roland Tanner gives the Scottish Parliament a human face by examining the actions and motives of those who attended.

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The Battle of Carham

A Thousand Years On

Neil McGuigan, Alex Woolf

This is a collection of essays published to mark the millennium of the Battle of Carham, fought in 1018.

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Naija Marxisms

Revolutionary Thought in Nigeria

Adam Mayer

Traces the historical trajectories that leftist movements underwent since the 1940s and argues that Marxism is alive and well in Nigeria.

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Economic and Monetary Sovereignty in 21st Century Africa

Maha Ben Gadha, Fadhel Kaboub, Kai Koddenbrock, Ines Mahmoud, Ndongo Samba Sylla, Prabhat Patnaik

The story of how African societies are resisting financial dependency and colonial legacies

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African Political Parties

Evolution, Institutionalisation and Governance

M. A. Mohamed Salih

A critique of modern African 'democracies'

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Darkland Tales

Denise Mina

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