War Against the People

Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification

Jeff Halper

Publisher: Pluto Press

Release date: 2015-09-20

* Shortlisted for the Palestine Book Awards 2016* Modern warfare has a new form. The days of international combat are fading. So how do major world powers maintain control over their people today? This book is a disturbing insight into the new ways world powers such as the US, Israel, Britain and China forge war today. It is a subliminal war of surveillance and whitewashed terror, conducted through new, high-tech military apparatuses, designed and first used in Israel against the Palestinian population. Including nano-technology, hidden camera systems, information databases on civilian activity, automated targeting systems and unmanned drones, it is used to control the very people the nation's leaders profess to serve. Jeff Halper reveals that this practice is much more insidious than was previously thought. As Western governments claw back individual liberties, War Against the People is a reminder that fundamental human rights are being compromised for vast sections of the world, and that this is a subject that should concern everyone.

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