Culinary Quandaries

A Vegan Dinner Party

Allyson Kramer & Anya Kassoff

Cooking without milk, eggs or honey may initially sound a little daunting. But this enhanced eBook brings together some of the best food bloggers, the excitement of fresh vegan ingredients and the influence of diverse food cultures to show you how to cook great tasting vegan food. Delight all your friends with dishes such as stuffed jalapenos, pad thai, hazelnut...

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Masterpieces of Music

Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 'Eroica'

Matthew Rye

Discover Beethoven's 'Eroica' Symphony, a work of titanic scale and ambition that initially baffled its audience at the start of the 19th century but which soon came to be seen as a turning-point in Western music, revolutionising the symphony as a means of musical and emotional expression.

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The Silence Between the Noise

Noticing the Noise

Paul Meek

Interactive eBook series, Silence Between the Noise, will teach you how to establish mindfulness in your day-to-day life. Learn practical techniques of mindfulness that will allow you to let go, regain calmness and experience fulfilment in the moment, regardless of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

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Masterpieces of Music

Bach's Mass in B Minor

Matthew Rye

Explore the music and background of Bach’s B minor Mass, a monument of Baroque choral music widely regarded as the composer’s masterpiece, and a summation of his life’s work in the field of religious music.

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The Eagle and the Swan

Carol Strickland

Within a manuscript that has not been read for a millennium and a half, there are secrets that will rewrite the history of an Empire...

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Accounting for Entrepreneurs

It's All About Cashflow

Gordon Griffin

Accounting for Entrepreneurs is an eBook series written for entrepreneurs who want a practical understanding of business finance in order to build a healthy and successful business. The eBooks make use of numerous diagrams, glossary references and real like case studies to illustrate key aspects of financial management in a clear and concise manner.

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Masterpieces of Music

Brahms's Piano Concerto No. 1

Matthew Rye

Uncover the inner workings of and troubled story behind Brahms’s first great masterpiece, a work born in the throes of youthful love and loss and a concerto that set itself against the prevailing tide of virtuosity and brought a symphonic seriousness to the form.

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Spices and Spandex

Tom Perkins

An epicurean adventure down the length of the world on a hungry stomach.

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Take The A-Train

Mark Timlin

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The Pale House

Luke McCallin

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Saturday Science

Neil Downie

Saturday Science is the result of the offbeat and creative experimentation of scientist Neil A. Downie. His passion for creating things in his back garden or shed that demonstrate the wonders of science have resulted in numerous interesting and exciting projects that you can try at home. Bursting with humour, knowledge and fascination with the natural world, Saturday Science offers...

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Reclaiming the State

A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World

William Mitchell and Thomas Fazi

A provocative economic analysis which reconceptualises the nation state as a vehicle for progressive change.

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