The Small Isles

Canna, Rum, Eigg and Muck

Denis Rixon

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Scottish Traditional Tales

A.J. Bruford

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The Land of the Seal People

Duncan Williamson

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A History

Denis Rixon

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Flying Scotsman

Graeme Obree

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Pearl Fishers

Robin Jenkins

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Poor Mercy

Jonathan Falla

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Blood on the Wave

Scottish Sea Battles

John Sadler

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The Wars of the Bruces

Scotland, England and Ireland 1306 - 1328

Colm McNamee

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The Men of the North

The Britons of Southern Scotland

Tim Clarkson

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Scottish History Without the Boring Bits

A Chronicle of the Curious, the Eccentric, the Atrocious and the Unlikely

Ian Crofton

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William Wallace And All That

Allan Burnett

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