Culinary Quandaries

A Vegan Dinner Party

Allyson Kramer & Anya Kassoff

Publisher: Erudition

Cooking without milk, eggs or honey may initially sound a little daunting. But this enhanced eBook brings together some of the best food bloggers, the excitement of fresh vegan ingredients and the influence of diverse food cultures to show you how to cook great tasting vegan food. Delight all your friends with dishes such as stuffed jalapenos, pad thai, hazelnut burgers, apple pie parfait and more.

About the series

Culinary Quandaries is an eBook series featuring tried-and-tested, indulgent recipes that will impress and delight dinner party guests with potentially unfamiliar dietary restrictions or preferences. The publications feature both adaptations of classic or popular dishes and new dishes which embrace dietary restrictions as an opportunity for creativity.


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